Quality Highlights
  • Well-equipped school building, aesthetically designed to merge with the greenery around it.
  • Experienced, trained and dedicated faculties.
  • Well-facilitated library with wide spectrum of books in all categories covering major disciplines and languages
  • Technically updated Science, Maths, Multimedia, Art and activity facility.
  • Smart class rooms for digital transaction of syllabi .
  • Life skill education for overall personality exposure of the students.
  • Indoor and Outdoor games and sports facilities .
  • Hygienic and environmental awareness campaign for instilling sense of social responsibility.
  • Study tours and educational trips as an integral part of pedagogy.
  • Multi-lingual teaching learning process.
  • Stress on spoken English proficiency.
  • Curriculum transaction of syllabi through integrated computer education.
  • Individual guidance and counseling.
  • Communicative and interactive method of teaching.
  • Scope of external (state and national level competitions) exam to maintain global standards.
  • Merit Scholarships for the deserving students.
  • Physical Education and Training.
  • Visiting Faculty Provision.
  • Value-based Education and practice.
  • Co-curricular activities like Art, Craft, Music, Dance, Sports, Debate, and Extempore etc, for all-round development
  • Structured approach for inculcation of anglo-vedic ideology
  • Hygienic and environmental awareness among the children
  • Periodic Health Check-up,First aid training and subsequent medical advice .
  • An international curricula framework, which emphasizes a learner centered education; human centered developement;a knowledge centered society , and an innovation centered india .
  • Social awareness programmes to instill values and life skill programmes required for the growing needs of our students .
  • School security camera and video surveillance systems.
  • Online fee collection (Cashless transaction) and management systems.
As the twig is bent,so the tree will grow
Children are tender shoots to be nurtured lovingly and effectively, to be handled delicately and firmly. Away form the main building, the KINDERGARTEN, is an independent and compact structure, sitting, smugly amidst the green of the trees and grass and the vibrant colors of fragrant flowers. The tiny-tots grow unhampered, their curious minds engaged in fruitful activities like nature-walks, simply enjoying the beauties and bounties of nature. By observing, they learn how birds sing and fly, how butterflies flit across on colorful wings, how green leaves and colorful flowers grow on trees, why the wind blows and so on.This not only increases their general awareness and their vocabulary but also serves as an effective outlet to their creativity. The concept of 'learning by doing' is the mainstay of learning for the kids divided into six sections. The colorful furniture and the bright curtains provide a conducive environment to the young minds. The efforts of their mentors are visible in the colorful pictures and scenes that adorn the walls. The aesthetic sensibilities of the children are honed and their perceptive and cognitive abilities are developed through computer aided teaching. The extensive use of State-of-Art 'KIDUCATION', bears witness to the fact that technology too, forms an inherent parts of the kindergarten syllabus.

The tiny-tots become proficient in working independently through project-based activities, which enhances their vocabulary, and thus polish their communicative skills. Tours, excursions, visits, day camps, competitions and activities, which form a regular feature of the section, makes learning a pleasure.
Parent-Teacher Meeting
Realizing ˜Education as a collaborative approach we feel Education is nothing but a tri-polar process where parent, teacher and the pupil are just like the three angles of a triangle. Though several diverse factors affect the growth and development of a child such as professional parents, family structure, conflict between natural talent / interest of the child and the aspiration of the parents, the peer groups, etc we have a provision of Parent-Teacher interaction through a periodic in-touch throughout the academic year. On every second Saturday of the month the parent-teacher meetings are held to analyze the child's progress of learning in the school.
Computer Lab   Science lab   Maths Lab
Multimedia Lab   Art Room   Play Ground
Class Room   Library cum Reading Room   Music Room
Bus Facility   Health Check-Up Facility    
School Bus Rules
  • Applications for school transport, transport cancellation, change of bus stops, change of bus route etc., should be submitted to school Transport incharge one month in advance.
  • Buses will be available only on the routes and at stops fixed by the school and any request for new stops will not be entertained. However, the school reserves the right to make any change if found inevitable.
  • Students traveling by the school bus should always be in proper school uniform(except birth days) and in possession of the school ID card, failing that they will not be allowed to board the bus.
  • Students must report at the scheduled stop 5 minutes before the bus arrival time.
  • Students must travel only by the bus allocated to them.
  • No student will be allowed to board a bus other than the one allotted, unless he/she has written permission from the School authorities.
  • If a student wants to get down at a different bus stop, he/she should submit a request signed by the parent to the Principal/Transport incharge and obtain special permission for the same.
  • Intimation should be forwarded to the Principal/Transport in-charge if the child is not availing the transport facility for arrival or departure from the school but she/he is present in the school.
  • The bus facility will be cancelled for those students who damage any bus fittings or indulge in acts of misbehavior/indiscipline in the bus.
  • In case of misbehavior in the bus, the attendant is authorized to take immediate necessary steps and report the matter to the Principal/Transport incharge for further actions, if necessary.
  • Playing any game in the bus causing indiscipline/movement is strictly forbidden.
  • There is a fully equipped first aid box in every bus. As you are aware the school will take every precaution for the safety of the children, however, the school is not responsible for situations beyond its control.
  • The buses will cover only a few common stops on the main roads in the area. No persuasion for additional stoppage will be entertained.
  • Parents are requested to forward all requests regarding transport to the Transport incharge. Only requests which are feasible may be consider.
  • Please note that the Transport incharge is handling over 500 students and is not always available to speak to parents. Please ensure you call only in case of an emergency.
  • Parents of children from classes Nursery to III should come/send a responsible person to collect their ward from the bus stop.
  • Please ensure that, under any circumstances, no parent boards the bus to discuss any problem of their ward, neither the driver/attendant of the bus harassed for any reason. In case they need to discuss any issue the same may be discussed with the school authorities.
  • Students are not allowed to carry mobile phones or any other electronic gadgets in the school bus.
    Transport I/C - Mrs Sujata Sa - Mobile No- +91- 9437347397
    Contact-- Mr Himansu Sekhar Upadhyay- Mobile No-+91- 9938383945


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