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In the memory of the legendary Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujam whose 129th birth anniversary falls on 22nd December 2016; DAV VIS Lanjigarh celebrated Mathematics week from 22 December to 28th December 2016. It was aimed at inspiring a love for Mathematics and to help eliminate the fear of Maths in young minds.

A number of activities were held, such as

1. An Intra- School Mathematical- Quiz for classes VIII to X was organized on 26th Dec. 2016.

2. Power Point Presentation by the students of classes IX and X on various concepts and features of Mathematics were presented to an assembly of Teachers and Students on 24th December 2016

Ganit Week divulged students with an opportunity to convalesce not only Mathematical skills but also a spirit to compete in a friendly and competitive environment.


 Inter-house quiz competition

Annual Quiz Competition of DAV Vedanta International School, Lanjigarh was conducted on 23rd Dec. 2016 under the supervision of CCA Co-coordinator Mrs. Sweta Prasad. The participants were from three different houses- Agni, Akash & Prithvi. Four students from each house participated in it. There was an audience round which gave everyone a chance to partake. In nail biting contest, among the three houses, Agni house won. Fruitful competitions are necessary for the wholesome education. This is not only enthralled the mind of the students but also widened the academic sphere of the teachers.


September 5th, birthday of Dr.Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, was celebrated in our school. His footsteps, the teachers follow, are being proved on Teacher’s Day. The performance of students on stage exclusively for teachers was a memorable one. Students from class VI to XII exhibited their talents as a treat to the teachers. Dance, music and skit made the day explicable. The students took great effort and ensured that teachers enjoy every minute. Followed by the cultural programme, game like musical chair was conducted for the teachers by the students. 



After a day (25.12.2016) of intelligent sessions at each committee discussing on important and sensitive issues, the General Assembly of MUN was held at the school Library in the morning at 9.30a.m. The programme commenced with a mesmerizing Video clip on the rules and regulations related to the conference was presented by Master Shivansh Patnaik & Yogesh Chulet the Chairperson & The Vice-Chairperson of the MUN. The entire audience was enthralled with the breathtaking presentation and gave a standing ovation to their leaders.

This was followed by the oath taking ceremony presented by- Master Mangala Sahu delegate of U.K. who thanked the chairpersons and reiterated the purpose of the DAV VIS-MUN. He said that this conference wishes to instill the values of compassion, generosity, tolerance and respect for others in the participating delegates.

Ashish Sahoo delegate of France, in his address then introduced the delegates of the 27 nations along with the Chairperson and the Vice Chairperson of The General Assembly. 

From the mock session to the committee that followed, the students demonstrated tremendous managerial and leadership skills in an intense and competitive climate. The students gained invaluable experience and learned a great deal about themselves along the way.

Centered on the topic –‘ IMPACT OF WORLD WAR-II ON GLOBAL ECONOMY’, DAVVIS MUN 2016 will strive to make a social impact from the lessons learned at the conference, it will continue to grapple with the complex issues in the world today and work towards a better tomorrow.

The General Assembly was followed by the beginning of the technical sessions where more issues were raised, conflicts resolved and motions passed. It was very interesting to see how the viewpoints clashed and how the delegates of different countries were able to pass a resolution effectively.

With the end of the promising day, delegates went back with a cherishing and well executed day at this brilliant.

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