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Albert Einstein rightly said, “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.”

Now the question is: What remains in the child after he forgets everything?

Dear Parents, ‘the answer’ is what we teach here. DAV VIS is different in many ways. One among them is the way we teach. We teach them for life, not for just an exam. We train them to fight against the odds of life, not to win in the rings. For us a child is not just a student. A student for us is a gift of God imbibed with so many hidden qualities waiting to flourish. We just ignite these qualities and they do wonders.

I assure the parents and well-wishers of the school that DAV VIS will do everything possible for the welfare of the students- be it within the school or outside. Because for us, a student is forever our student.





Sadananda Hotta

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