Morning Assembly
Morning Assembly: Where day begins with a benign bliss…
Prayer: A wholehearted call with body, mind & spirit Principal Blessing: What and How to be
Gayatri Mantra
Om Bhur Bhubah Swah Tatsa Vitur Varanyam
Bhargo Devasya Dhimahee
Dhiyo Yonah Prachodayat.”
Oh Lord! Give us great Strength
Of Body, Mind and Spirit
Free Our intellect
From all ills and pollutions,
Oh Lord! Guide us to glorify you
By treading the path of virtue.
Bestow us with Fortitude in moments
Of Grief and Sorrow ;
And Give us Wisdom
To act righteously
Oh Lord! Guide us to keep in you
Faith unflinching, deep and true.”

Daya Kar Gnyan Vidya ka Hame Paramatma Dena..”
(In Hindi Language in English version)
To take pledge in the morning assembly everyday inculcates a practice of taking oath for doing some noble, ideal and moral deeds and to foster the same in and around the surroundings. This is a quality means to motivate one and all with a spirit of manners, motto and wise fellow-feelings.
The Pledge that all the DAVians do repeat everyday in the school during Morning Assembly is:

India is my country,
All Indians are my brothers and sisters,
I love my country,
And I am proud of its rich and varied heritage,
I shall always strive to be worthy of it,
I shall give my parents,
Teachers and all elders respect and treat everyone with courtsey,
To my country and my people i pledge my devotion’
In their wellbeing and prosperity alone lies my happiness.”
-jai hind!

Thought & Its Explanation
Hindi Speech, English Speech, Rhyme, Recitation, Quiz, Words of Wisdoms by teachers on every Friday, Hindi and English Story telling.
National Anthem
Jana Gana Mana Adhi Nayaka Jaya he…”
School Timings
  Arrival Dispersal
Nursery 09.00 a.m 12.45p.m
LKG, UKG 07.30a.m 12.45p.m;
Std-I to Std-X 07.30a.m 01.40p.m
School Timings (Winter)
Nursery 09.00 a.m 12.45p.m
LKG, UKG 8.00a.m 12.45p.m
Std-Ito Std X 8.00a.m 2.00p.m
Nursery : No dress code
Boys LKG to Std-X
White half shirt and brown half pant
(With tie, Belt & Badge-LKG- Std-V)
White Half Shirt & brown Full Pant
(With Tie, Belt & Badge- Std-VI to X)
Black shoes & white socks
(LKG to Std X)
Days Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday)
White Half Shirt & White half pant (LKG-Std-V)
White Full pant (For Std VI to X)
White Socks & White PT Shoes
(Wednesday & Saturday)
Girls LKG to Std X
White Half Shirt, Brown Tunic & Red Ribbon
(With Tie, Belt & Badge)
White Socks & black Shoes
(Monday,Tuesday,Thursday & Friday)
White half shirt, white Tunic & White Ribbon
White socks & White PT Shoes
(Wednesday & Saturday)
For all classes (Except Nursery)
Girls Maroon sweater with ‘V’ neck
Maroon Woollen scarf
White stocking
White full sleeve shirt
Boys Maroon sweater with ‘V’ neck
Maroon woolen cap
White full sleeve shirt
Brown & white Full pant


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