House System  


House System
The House System is Service cum Training Organisation. Its objectives are
  • To promote the welfare of the students
  • To Promote better Student-Teacher Relationship
  • To furnish Citizenship Training
  • To encourage Self-Discipline
  • To arouse greater school spirit
  • To impart training in the skill of management and leadership

The students of Std. I to X are divided into 3 houses Agni, Prithvi and Akash. The nominated leaders from all Houses of Std- VI, VII, VIII, IX , X ,XI AND XIIlead their respective house and help them for more participation in different house activities. The nominated house captains arrange house meetings once in a month to discuss ups and downs of the house. The houses are almost guided by the deputed House masters and Mistresses. The best house is awarded at the end of academic session. This house system enhances their competitive sprit while working in a team.
House Activities
  • To manage the Morning Assembly
  • To write the News Headlines of the Day
  • To deliver the Thought in the form of Short Speech and explaining the same
  • To look after the general cleanliness of the students
  • Participate enthusiastically in all intra-house and inter-house contests
  • To help maintain Discipline on the occasion of the school functions
  • To decorate the House Boards
  • House Boards are the Insignia that carry the signatures of scintillating significance


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